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The Case of   Slanted News

Fact Situation:

Mock Trial about child stealling Selling the news cartoon image lorenjavier.com - selling newspapers image source newscopy.org
- A Newspaper heard that a ten year old had been caught stealing a comic book and that the shop staff wanted him charged with stealing from a police station source.

- They got the names of Tip, his mother, and Nok from the police report and called Tip's mother.

- Tip’s mother said the staff of the book store hates kids, which is why they wanted her kid arrested.

The Newspaper did not call Nok or the bookstore.

- The Newspaper ran a story with the Headline: Bookstore wants ten year old put in Jail

- The story added: "The bookstore staff only cared about making money and didn't care about the boy's future.

- "The staff were not acting like Thai people, who are kind..."... the article concluded.

- Sales at the bookstore had dropped by 90%, within a week, customers stopped coming, and two bookstore staff quit because they were afraid of the threatening phone calls to the store....

- The Newspaper claimed the damage to the bookstore was its own fault and the Newspaper should not be held responsible.
The Case of Slanted News - A Simplified Mock Trial based on the Canada School Net Simplified Mock Trial Design.

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