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The Case of   News vs Gossip

Fact Situation:

Use and abuse of chat rooms selling gossip or news? Chat room image Florida online reading - selling newspapers image source newscopy.org
A Newspaper that looks for possible stories from Thai web site bulletin boards, blogs, and chat-rooms picked up the story spreading about Lek and called her mother for an interview.

Lek’s mother told the Newspaper that Ms Lawson hated her daughter and took her hand phone to punish her.

The Thai Newspaper printed a story: Headline News "Teacher abuses kid"

The story added that the school in which the teacher taught was very bad and should be closed until the government investigates.

The article used Lek and her mother's name, and referred to the internet stories which used the name of the school and Ms Lawson as the teacher.

The same day, a parent of a student from the school sent the newspaper article to the head of the school.

He translated the article for Lek's teacher, Ms lawson, who became very upset.

"That's not true!" She said. "They lied!" "Don’t they need any evidence to show what they print is true?"

The Newspaper said it was just passing along stories that interested readers and the damage to Ms Lawson and the school were their own fault not the Newspapers.

News vs Gossip - A Simplified Mock Trial based on the Canada School Net Simplified Mock Trial Design.

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