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The Case of  "Nong's motorcycle accident"

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It was Saturday. Top asked his friend Nong to give him a ride home on his motorcycle. Both boys are 13 years old and the day before during a football game at school Nong hurt his foot.
Nong’s father warned Nong to be careful driving their motorcycle because he still limped from the injury to his foot.
Nong said “No Problem” and the boys set off for the two kilometre ride to Top’s house.
Around the same time, Mr. Gordon left his home in the same village to pick up his wife who had been studying on the weekends in town.
Mr. Gordon drove through the village to the four lane divided highway and after looking both ways along the tree lined road he began his left turn on to the highway.
Mr. Gordon had just enough time to stop when Nong’s motorcycle cut in front of his car from the opposite direction.
The motorcycle almost passed the car but caught the front end.
Top jumped off the motorcycle but the motorcycle fell on Nong.
As Mr. Gordon was getting got out of the car, Top lifted the motorcycle off Nong and was dragging him to the edge of the road.
Nong said his leg hurt a lot.
Mr. Gordon used his handphone to call his wife, who is Thai, and explained what had happened.
He handed the phone to Nong so his wife could find out about his injury and let him know she would call the police and hospital.
Nong gave the hand phone back to Mr. Gordon, and his wife told him not to move anything, to wait for the police, and that she would get a ride to meet him.
As he was talking on the phone Top lifted the motorcycle and began dragging it away from the front of the car.
Mr. Gordon told him not to move it and he stopped.
The ambulance arrived and found that Nong had a broken leg they splinted his leg and took him to a nearby hospital.
The police arrived took pictures of the scene with a digital camera and also made a drawing of the location, direction and positions of the car and the motorcycle.
The next day Mr. Gordon and his wife went to the police station to complete their statement of what had happened.
Nong's father came with a group of other villagers.
Mr. Gordon and his wife said they had the car checked and the mechanic estimated the repairs would cost 5,000 baht.
The motorcycle had not been damaged.
Nong's father said he should not have to pay for the car and that Mr. Gordon should pay for Nong.
His friends from the village joined in and said it wasn't Nong's fault because he was driving slowly and Mr. Gordon was at fault because he was driving a car and should have been more careful.
They said he was a foreigner so he was rich, and he and his wife should pay to take care of Nong.

Mr. Gordon and his wife said they will pay for the cost of repairs to their car but that Nong’s parents should pay for Nong.
They said that the accident may have been avoided had Nong been older with more experience in driving, and had not been driving in the wrong direction on the highway.
The villagers and Nong’s father said that was not fair and that Mr. Gordon and his wife should pay everything.

"Nong's motorcyle accident" Lesson Plan - A Simplified Mock Trial based on the Canada School Net Simplified Mock Trial Design.

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