Lesson Plans - Law

The Case of:    I was just protecting my kid!

Fact Situation:

Lek told her mother that Ms Lawson had taken her hand phone in class and she wrote about it to her Chat room fiends.

She said Ms Lawson doesn’t know how to take care of Thai kids and now the story is really big.

Her mother called to complain to the head of the school.

The head of the school explained that Ms Lawson had told him Lek had disturbed the class, and only after she had taken a second call had she taken Lek’s hand phone, which she returned at the end of class.

Lek’s mother was very angry and said: “My daughter doesn’t lie!” and she hung up the phone.
She turned to Lek and told her to copy all the comments people had made on the Internet about the story.

She made a CD of them and sent them to all the schools in the area with a a letter complaining that Ms Lawson was a bad teacher and punished Thai kids. She said she should be fired.

The school soon got many calls from parents cancelling registrations for the following term.
The head of the school told Ms Lawson he couldn't hire her for the next term because many parents had cancelled their enrolment for next term, because of what Lek's mother had done, and there wouldn't be enough students.

I was just protecting my kid! - A Simplified Mock Trial based on the Canada School Net Simplified Mock Trial Design.

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