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"It's Not My Fault"

Who caused Humpty Dumpty to Fall?

Fact Sheet:

This is the statement made by Humpty Dumpty while talking with Alice in Through the Looking Glass - by Lewis Carroll
"If I did fall, ... The King has promised me -- with his very own mouth -- to -- to --
`To send all his horses and all his men,' Alice interrupted, rather unwisely.
Yes, all his horses and all his men,' Humpty Dumpty went on.
`They'd pick me up again in a minute, they would!"

Later, Humpty Dumpty did fall from the wall.
Humpty Dumpty has taken the case to court claiming that the guarantee he would be put back together again made him over confident and willing to take the risk of sitting on the wall.
He claims the fall was not his fault, and The King should pay for the damage.
The King answered that Humpty Dumpy knew he was an egg and eggs run the risk of breaking, so sitting on a wall was reckless.
The King said he met his responsibility by having all his men and horses try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

"It's Not My Fault" - A Simplified Mock Trial based on the Canada School Net Simplified Mock Trial Design.

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